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Best Shampoo for Keratin Treated Hair 2020 (Updated)

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If you wish your hair healthier taking proper care of hair is a must. Those are looking for the best shampoo for keratin treated hair, there are several good options available for you. This review provides in-depth analysis of the best shampoo for keratin treated hair. But before we continue, let’s find out a little information about keratin treatment.

What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment is used to cover the porosity of your hair to leave it smooth and shiny. If the hair is too porous, it can result in breakage, frizz, and may tangle a lot. This can prevent when you undergo keratin treatment. Generally, the hair is composed of keratin and this can get lost or continue to wither due to old age or use of harsh chemicals.  The treatment is meant to bring back the keratin protein into its rightful place in your hair. Since the treatment rebuilds the damaged areas of the hair, there should be an increased styling, lesser frizz, and increased shine in general.

A shampoo and hair conditioner will then provide nourishment and keep the hair in a perfect condition after a keratin treatment. However, you need to get the right shampoo for the hair otherwise, you may be causing more damage to the hair if the wrong shampoo with bad ingredients is applied.

There are different types of shampoo and hair conditioners, but you need to settle for the right type of hair shampoo ideal for keratin treated hair. This review provides detailed information of the best shampoo and conditioner, starting from the least favorite to the most favorite. So read on to find out which one is ideal for you.

The 8 Best Shampoo for Keratin Treated Hair

Do you want to buy shampoo for your Keratin Treated Hair? Don’t have enough time in your hand then have a look our shortlisted Shampoo for Keratin Treatment.

Product NameProduct ImageView On
8Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

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7DELUGE - Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo
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6Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo
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5Luxe Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo
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4Moroccan Baebody Argan Oil Shampoo
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3Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set
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2Art Naturals Moroccan Argan Shampoo
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1Argan Oil Shampoo Sulfate-Free
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Before making final decisions below in-depth review of the best Keratin Treated Hair Shampoo will help you a lot to understand why these are important to you.

8. Moroccan Argan Organic Oil Shampoo

best shampoo for keratin treated hairAmazon ButtonMoroccan Argan oil shampoo is a hydra nourishing shampoo that helps repair damaged hairs and bring it back to its more natural condition. It contains vitamin E, which is effective for a thicker, stronger, and younger looking hair. The shampoo does not contain Gluten, Chloride, Sodium, Parabens, or sulfates. Research has proven that shampoo products with these ingredients can lead to hair loss, skin irritation, itchy scalp, as well as the development of nitrate compounds that result in cell damage and cancer. But this Moroccan Argan shampoo does not contain any of these ingredients, which makes it perfect for a healthy hair. Argan oil shampoo is quite healthy and safe for use on keratin treated hair. However, it contains healthy ingredients such as thermal protectant and UV with antioxidants and vitamins that restore hair from curling or straight iron, blow dryer, and chemically treated hair.


  • It’s the perfect hair conditioner for keratin treated hair
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals that can damage the hair
  • Nourishes the hair and helps to maintain a steady hair growth
  • Contains vitamin E which keeps the hair thicker, stronger, and looking younger
  • Comes with 100% product warranty


  • It comes with a very strong scent that may be a bit displeasing to some users

7. DELUGE – Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

best shampoo for keratin treated hairArgan has yet again provided another premium quality shampoo and conditioner that restores, nourishes, and moisturizes the hair. If your hair has been severely damaged by chemical, this shampoo is properly manufactured to completely restore chemically damaged hairs and keep it nourished at all times. The oil shampoo is made with omega 9, omega 3, and other fatty acids for enriching the hair and keeping it healthy. Deluge does not contain paraben, phosphate, or sulfate. These chemicals damage hairs and are not part of the formula for this shampoo and hair conditioner. Argan is made with 100% natural ingredients, just like its sister product reviewed above. The shampoo is very popular in the market and has a very high customer rating from customers who have seen the overall benefits of the shampoo. Overall, Deluge Argan Shampoo is the perfect hair shampoo for those looking for shiny, silky, and nourished hair.


  • Keeps the hair oily and properly nourished at all times
  • Perfect for keratin treated hair
  • Manufactured with natural ingredients that don’t have side effects
  • Repairs damaged hair and return the hair to its previous good condition
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals


  • The faint smell of the shampoo might irritate some users

 6. Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Set

best shampoo for keratin treated hairHere is another premium quality hair shampoo with natural ingredients to smoothen and nourish all types of hairs. If you have recently treated your hair for keratin, you need to continuously maintain your hair to be smooth, oily, and free of brittle. The right shampoo will definitely help you here. With this advanced formula shampoo for keratin treated hair, your hair is going to be restored, strengthened, and revitalized. It is made with Macadamia oil which completely rejuvenates weakened or damaged hair. With this natural formula, your hair will look silkier, softer, as healthier at all times. For those looking for the ideal shampoo and hair conditioner to keep their hair soft and healthy, this advanced formula shampoo will be a great option.


  • Comes with Moroccan premium grade oil that completely nourishes and revitalizes the hair
  • Improves, moisturizes, and strengthens the hair to give it a unique look
  • Repairs chemically damaged hair and bring it back to its excellent condition
  • Manufactured with only natural ingredients that don’t leave any side effects


  • It’s not as thick as it used to be

5. Luxe Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

best shampoo for keratin treated hair
Sulfate-free Argan shampoo has been recommended by hair stylists and professionals who understand the overall features and qualities of the product. It’s ideal for all times of hair, most especially thick, curly, and frizzy hairs. This high-quality hair shampoo is the right type of hair shampoo for those who frequently have dry hairs. It moisturizes the hair and places the hairs in their perfect condition after the keratin treatment. Also, it doesn’t contain those harsh chemicals found in other types of hair shampoo. This makes it pure and suitable for use in all types of hair. The manufacturer also provides money back guarantee to give users assurance of quality. So looking for the right kind of hair shampoo to rejuvenate their hair, Moroccan sulfate-free oil shampoo is a great choice.


  • 100% sulfate-free
  • Contains thermal and UV protector
  • Nourishes the hair and perfect for chemically treated hair
  • Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Keeps the hair in a healthy condition at all times


  • It doesn’t provide enough lather

4. Moroccan Baebody Argan Oil Shampoo

best shampoo for keratin treated hairHere is another excellent oil shampoo from the Moroccan Argan brand. Baebody oil shampoo is one of the most popular hair shampoos on the market today. It’s already a bestseller product, and there are many reasons why it’s highly rated in the market. First, the shampoo is purely made with natural ingredients, which does not leave any form of side effects on your hair.  The shampoo is the right product to naturally strengthen and repair your hair, keeping it shiny and hydrated. It restores damaged and drying hair to give you that soft and moisturized hair you crave for. Baebody Argan shampoo is made with coconut oil, almond oil, keratin, avocado oil, and Moroccan Argan oil. All these natural ingredients provide the perfect nourishment needed for all types of hair.


  • Reduces hair drying time
  • It’s soft on colored treated hair
  • Effectively cleans the hair and leaves no residue
  • Made with natural ingredients to preserve hairs health
  • 100% product guarantee


  • Hair dries out after some time

3. Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set

best shampoo for keratin treated hair
Tea Tree is the type of hair drier and conditioner you would want to have if you have issues keeping your hair soft and hydrated. It has natural ingredients that nourish the hair and keeps it free from dehydration at all times. Apart from the anti fungal and antiseptic oil content, it’s also suitable for fighting dandruff and other hair problems. As a hydrating conditioner, the hair shampoo clears away dead skin and leaves your scalp free from itches. Tea Tree oil shampoo is safe for use because it does not contain any harmful chemical or ingredient to the scalp and hair. It originated from some Australian distillation plants which ensure purity and the highest quality. The shampoo contains vitamins and essential amino acids to keep your skin properly nourished and prevent any hair brittle o frizzle. So, the hair shampoo and conditioner is the perfect hair shampoo you need if you are looking to maintain a healthy hair growth.


  • Produced from 100% natural ingredients which makes it safe for effective hair growth
  • Clears the hair and scalp of dandruff and other fungal or bacterial infections
  • Nourishes the hair and keeps it oily at all times
  • Prevents irritation, itching, or flaking of the hair and scalp
  • Comes with 100% money back warranty


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • The smell of the shampoo might be unpleasant for some users

2. Art Naturals Moroccan Argan Shampoo

best shampoo for keratin treated hairArt Natural Argan shampoo is the ultimate shampoo and hair conditioning solution for those looking to keep their hair soft and well moisturized.  It is made with 100% natural ingredients to keep the hair thicker and shiny at all times. As a best seller product, the hair conditioning solution is one of the most popular shampoos on the market right now with more than 4 point ratings from over 2,500 Amazon customers. It cleans dirt gently and effectively to leave the hair dry and free of fungal or bacterial infections. Moreover, the hair shampoo is the perfect product for keratin treated hair. If you are looking for the best hair shampoo product to provide healthy growth to your hair, there are very few options that come close to this shampoo when it comes to hair restoration and nourishment.


  • The hair shampoo and conditioner cleans effectively to keep the hair free of fungal infections
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Features botanical extracts that continuously keeps the hair thick and shiny
  • Effective at nourishing and restoring damaged hair
  • It smells very well, unlike some other conditioners with the unpleasant smell


  • The price of the hair shampoo is a bit on the high side

1. Argan Oil Shampoo Sulfate-Free

best shampoo for keratin treated hair
This hair shampoo is the ideal hair shampoo for those with hair lacking lustre and shine. It’s specially made with pure natural ingredients to smoothen and soften the hair and keep it free from all fungal infections. If you have a dry scalp or damaged hair, this hair shampoo will be perfect for your hair. Argan sulfate-free shampoo is made with natural ingredients such as Camellia seed oil, Peach Kernal, Botanical Keratin, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, and Argan oil. All these are combined to provide the ideal hair shampoo for dry and dull hair. So whether you have curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair, you can keep it radiant and beautiful with this wonderfully crafted hair conditioner. This restoring hair conditioner is filled with fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins that effectively nourish the hair and keep it in an optimum condition.


  • Strengthens hair with fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, as well as vitamins
  • Prevents hair thinning, brittleness, and breakage
  • Made with 100% pure natural ingredients
  • It’s ideal for reducing flaky scalp


  • A bit more expensive than some other hair shampoos

The above products are the best hair shampoo and conditioners for keratin treated hair. They are all made of 100% natural ingredients and provide the nourishment and treatment with your hair needs to grow healthily. These products are highly rated in the market and keep your hair fully rejuvenated after a keratin treatment. Apart from their primary role of keeping your hair soft, moisturized, and shiny, these hair shampoos are properly tested to keep your hairs free of frizzles, itches and all forms of fungal infections. Therefore, highly recommended for healthy growth of the hair.

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