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How to Pick the Best Whitening Strips for Whiter Teeth

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I remember looking at my teeth in the mirror and thinking that someday, they would become white. I was born with naturally yellowish teeth. I have researched about it and found out that this is perfectly normal. In today’s world, however, people are just more attractive when they have whiter teeth. This made me search for various products that can help whiten my teeth. Whitening strips are widely used in various parts of the world. The fact that there are so many can make them interesting and daunting at the same time.

I have to admit that the first time I had to pick a brand, I was very confused. I just picked the very first whitening strips that I saw. This was not a good idea especially when I learned that I have picked one of the more expensive ones. I was still young then and did not have a lot of money. Nevertheless, I purchased those whitening strips. 

It will help to know as many details about whitening strips as possible to help you in making the right choice.

Comparison Table

ProductBest FeatureAmazon RatingProduct ImageView On
Crest 3D White Professional Whitening StripsThis can help remove 14 years of stains on your teeth.4.0Amazon Button
Lovely Smile Professional Teeth Whitening StripsYou can get whiter teeth within an hour.4.1Amazon Button
3D White Professional Strips’This comes with a no-slip technology.3.9Amazon Button
Cali White Vegan Teeth Whitening KitThis is a vegan whitening strip product so you do not have to worry about 4.3Amazon Button
AuraGlow Teeth Whitening KitThis is a complete kit that will come with everything you may ever need.4.3Amazon Button
AuraGlow Teeth Whitening PenThe tube is clear so you can be sure how much gel there is still inside the tube.4.3Amazon Button
Crest 3D White Brilliance ToothpasteThis will almost look like it has been cleaned by a professional.3.8Amazon Button
AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Accelerator LightThis can offer fast whitening without making your teeth too sensitive.3.4Amazon Button
DentalPro 2000 Professional Teeth Whitening StripsYou just need to follow an easy 3-step process to start getting whiter teeth.3.9Amazon Button
Rembrandt 1 Week Teeth Whitening KitThis is enamel-safe so it will not be problematic for the teeth.3.4Amazon Button

Top 10 Whitening Strips to Consider

A lot of people say that you just need to smile and the world will already smile with you. What if you are unhappy or conscious about your smile? This will make you smile less. It will make you look unhappy. Sometimes, people perceive that people who do not smile often are not as attractive as people who love smiling.

1. Crest 3D White Professional Whitening Strips – Best Whitening Strips to Use

This is a product that makes use of the Advanced Seal Technology which means that the strips that you will use will mold into your teeth so that you can get perfect-looking teeth every time. Who does not want to have whiter teeth, right?


  •  No- Slip Grip – This will ensure that the strips will stay on your teeth while you are using them. You can talk and even drink water even if you have placed the whitening strips on your teeth.
  •  Whitens Teeth in Three Days – If you are searching for fast results, this is something that you can expect when you use this product. This will whiten teeth in just three days.
  •  Easy-to-Apply – You simply need to peel off, place on your teeth, wait for half an hour before removing the strip to reveal your immediately whiter teeth.
  •  Will Not Hurt Enamel – If this would be used correctly, this will not hurt your enamel at all. This means that you will have a nicer smile without the issues that usually come with whitening.
  •  Flexible – The strips are very flexible which means that you can place them over your teeth and they will take the shape of your teeth easily.


  •  Formula Change – Some say that there is a chance that crest has changed their formula which makes this ineffective.
  •  Did Not Work – Some have said that this did not work well for them. They have tried it and even after two weeks, nothing happened.


This is often the favorite of people who would like to whiten their teeth but it seems that some people have purchased this product recently that did not work as well as the first ones they have bought.


  •  Works Effectively
  •  Can whiten teeth in a short amount of time
  •  Affordable


  •  Contains hydrogen peroxide
  •  Some products are fake.

2. Lovely Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Strips – Best Non Slip Whitening Strips

Do you think that it is still worthwhile to hire a professional to whiten your teeth when you can get a kit at home? This product can be applied on your teeth easily. There is no need to worry anymore if the strips are going to work or not.


  •  Just One Hour – You will see an immediate change with the way that your teeth looks in just one application. You can see the final results in just 2 weeks.
  •  One Year of Whiter Teeth – After the two-week session of whitening your teeth, you can enjoy the effects of having whiter teeth for a year.
  •  No-Slip Technology – This will allow you to do other activities while you have the whitening strips placed on your mouth.
  •  Comfortable Materials – You will barely notice that the whitening strips are placed on your teeth because of the comfortable materials that are used to make the strips.
  •  Different Instructions Available – There is no need to worry that you will not understand the instructions because the instructions are available in different languages.


  •  Shooting Pain – Some people with sensitive teeth feel that this can make their teeth hurt more than usual.
  •  Marble White – Some people have reported that their teeth kind of look marbled instead of the opaque type of white that they want.


It is obvious that this will be highly effective in making teeth whiter but like with all whitening strips, it may not be the most effective one for you. A lot of people are happy with this but some say that they have developed more sensitive teeth after.


  •  Whiter teeth in just 14 days
  •  Do not slide around
  •  They do not fall off


  •  So sticky
  •  Hard to remove

3. 3D White Professional Strips – Top Gentle Whitening Strips

You would like to feel proud of your smile again and you know that this is possible with the use of the right whitening strips. This has the ability to remove years of teeth stains in a short amount of time so that you get the whiter teeth you have always wanted.


  •  Apply for Half an Hour – It only takes half an hour to place this on and go on with the rest of your activities so that you can start to see your desired results
  •  No Slip Technology – This will make sure that it will stay in place even if you are exercising or doing other tasks that will require you to move your body.
  •  Gentle – There are different whitening strips but this is one of the most gentle ones that you can find in the market. There is a lesser chance that you will develop tooth sensitivity because of using this.
  •  20 Days for Full Results – It will not take a long time before you start to see the full results of using this product to get whiter teeth.
  •  Less Peroxide – What makes this more ideal for people with sensitive teeth is that it will not have a lot of peroxide. This is ideal for people who have issues with teeth whitening all the time because of peroxide.


  •  Will Not Work for Everyone – Some people say that this can be too gentle that they will not have any effect on the teeth at all.
  •  Hard to Use – If this would be compared to the other whitening strips, this can be a bit harder to use as compared to the others.


These are the best whitening strips to use if you know that you always make your teeth more sensitive when you use whitening strips. If in case your teeth have higher tolerance for peroxide, other products may be more ideal for your needs.


  •  They stick to teeth like glue
  •  They can be used by people with high sensitivity
  •  Not painful


  •  No difference
  •  More expensive than other whitening strips

4. Cali White Vegan Teeth Whitening Kit – Top Whitening Strips with Blue LED Light

If you would like your smile to come back, this is the best whitening kit that you can consider getting soon. The best thing about this is that it does not come with any ingredients that are related to animals. This is 100% safe for vegans.


  •  Comes with Universal Fit Tray – This will make it easier to place on the rows of your teeth. It will make the application more precise.
  •  Blue LED Light – This can speed up the whitening process of your teeth so that you can have whiter teeth in a shorter period of time.
  •  Detailed Instructions – No need to worry about not knowing how you are going to use this whitening kit. The instructions are meant to be followed correctly to get the best results.
  •  Results in One Treatment – You will start to see a difference with one treatment but you will see the best results after using this continuously.
  •  2 to 8 Shades Whiter – If you would have the ability to make your teeth two to eight shades whiter, wouldn’t you like it? This product will make this possible and safe.


  •  More Sensitive Teeth – The use of whitening products can make the teeth extra sensitive but this can be remedied.
  •  No Results for Some – Some tried using it and did not get any visible results.


A lot of people have used it and started to achieve whiter teeth in just a short amount of time. The blue LED light may be an advantage but take note that this does not work for everybody. You can read more reviews in order to decide if this is worth the purchase.


  •  This is a US Company
  •  Works well
  •  Can make teeth whiter in a short amount of time.


  •  Universal fit tray does not fit everyone
  •  May not work for some.

5. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit – Best Whitening Kit to Use

There are a lot of teeth whitening kits that are hard to use but this is one of the whitening kits that will not be a pain to use at home. You will get noticeable results while you are using this in a short amount of time.


  •  Immediate Results – It will only take one treatment before you see results. It can be very helpful if you would get the results that you want immediately.
  •  No Sensitivity – A lot of people get sensitive teeth after trying to whiten their teeth. This will not be an issue when you use this.
  •  Safe for Enamel – Some whitening strips are too strong that they would strip off the enamel from your teeth. This is not a problem when you use this.
  •  Comes with Gel Syringes – This will assure you that you can use this kit for a long time. The gel syringes can last for up to 20 treatments.
  •  Mouth Tray Storage Case – This will allow you to keep the strips in place. This will also make it easier for the kit to be used.


  •  Placebo Light – Some people are saying that the light is not necessary to ensure that teeth whitening will actually take place.
  •  Sensitive Teeth – Some have still reported that their teeth have become extra sensitive because of using this whitening product.


This is a whole kit which means that it will be more expensive as compared to the whitening strips that you can find on this list but most people say that it has worked well for them. It may work well for you too.


  •  Easy to follow instructions
  •  Mostly effective
  •  Comes with a lot of items


  •  May destroy enamel of people with sensitive teeth
  •  More expensive than others

6. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen – Best Portable Whitening Product

You may be a busy person who would like to find a way to whiten your teeth. Going to the dentist may not be an option because you know how expensive this can be. This affordable way to whiten your teeth may be highly effective for you. Plus, it is easy to use as well.


  •  See – Through Tube Design – This will make sure that you can see the amount of the gel that is still placed inside the tube. You will know how much gel is still left.
  •  High Quality Gel – This makes use of carbamide peroxide which is known to be the safer form of peroxide that can be used to whiten the teeth. This will make sure that your teeth stains will be removed safely.
  •  Portable – You can bring the whitening pen with you and use it according to the instructions. No need to worry about bringing a whole kit.
  •  1 Year Expiration – The gel will start to expire a year after you have opened the whitening pen. You can store the pen in a cool, dry place to ensure that you can use this whenever you need to do so.
  •  4 to 8 Shades Whiter – You can just imagine how brilliant your smile is going to be after you have finished using this product to whiten your teeth.


  •  Does Not have Much Gel – Some say that they have received the tube with barely any gel inside which means that they are unable to finish the whole course of the treatent.
  •  Does Not Work for Some – People who have tried it say that it did not work as well as they have hoped or it did not work at all.


This is a teeth whitening pen which means that this is highly portable as compared to whitening strips. This is easy to bring wherever you go so you will not miss the next time that you need to apply the gel on your teeth.


  •  Removes coffee stains
  •  Effective whitening
  •  Short waiting time period


  •  May not work for all
  •  Can cause teeth to become extra sensitive

7. Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste – Top Whitening Toothpaste

Who does not want to have brilliant, white teeth? This is a two step system that will ensure that you will have whiter teeth after using this a few times. The fact that you normally brush your teeth means that it will not be hard to incorporate this into your current routine.


  •  Refreshing – Whitening may be your mail goal but since this is also a toothpaste, this can be very effective in making your teeth more refreshed.
  •  Removes 80% of Surface Stains – There are different reasons why you may have stained teeth. These reasons can be irrelevant when this is able to remove the unsightly stains effectively.
  •  Deeply Cleans – This can help remove different bacteria that may cause bad breath and deterioration of the teeth and gums.
  •  Convenient – You do not need to go anywhere just to do this. This toothpaste can be used at home to effectively whiten teeth.
  •  Reduces Possibility of Bad Breath – This will have the ability to get in between some areas of your teeth to reduce the possibility of acquiring bacteria.


  •  Some Gum Issues – Some people say that they have experienced some gum issues because of using this product.
  •  Results Fade – Some have reported that the moment they started using another toothpaste, their teeth started to look stained again.


This is a product that truly works although some people cannot take the sting that it can give with continuous use. It is best to look at the instructions so you will know if this truly works for you or not.


  •  Actually works
  •  Whiter teeth in a few weeks
  •  Easy to use


  •  Expensive
  •  Can Cause tingling gums

8. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light – Top Light to Use for Teeth Whitening

One of the things that you can expect with this is that it comes with a built-in timer. You know that you will not go beyond the usual time when you are just trying to improve the condition of your teeth. Remember that going beyond the usual time can be bad for your teeth.


  •  Five Powerful Light Bulbs – These are the light bulbs that will make sure that your teeth will start to become whiter after a short period of time.
  •  Removes Stains – There are a lot of people who would like to remove stains from their teeth that may have been there for years because of drinking coffee, smoking, and so much more.
  •  Comes with a timer or beeper – You will have the ability to not go beyond the usual time because you will be told when you should stop.
  •  Comes with Batteries – There is no need to worry anymore batteries the first time that you are going to use this. You can use the light for a certain period of time before you need to replace the batteries.
  •  100% Safe- This is something that you need right now, the assurance that this is safe to use for a certain period of time.


  •  Short Lifespan – This will work great with whitening strips but it may only work for a few months which means that you cannot use it again the next time that you use it.
  •  No Effect – Some people say that they have tried to use this to no avail.


There are a lot of whitening lights and whitening strips that you can find right now but not all of them are going to be effective. This can be effective for some people but do not expect that it will be effective for all.


  •  Immediately whitens
  •  There is no need to wait for a long time
  •  Worth the price


  •  Some find this ineffective
  •  Just stopped working

9. DentalPro 2000 Professional Teeth Whitening Strips – Best Strips with Effective Grip

One of the things that you want is to start getting whiter teeth. How are you going to do this? These teeth whitening strips can be very effective for you. You can see the results in just seven days which is ideal if there is an even that you want to attend soon.


  •  Easy to Apply – The whitening strips can be applied easily so you do not have to spend too much time placing this on the upper and lower rows of your teeth.
  •  Safe to Use – The gel is safe to use by adults but if you are pregnant, nursing, or you have a medical condition, always ask your dentist about it first.
  •  Non Slip Grip – The strips will stay on your teeth until such time when you already need to remove them.
  •  Quick Boost – There is no need to wait for a long period of time before you start seeing the results. You can get whiter teeth in a few days.
  •  Enamel-Safe – There is no need to worry that your enamel will be affected just because you want to whiten your teeth. You can be sure that you will have whiter teeth without the extra sensitivity.


  •  You Need to Heap the Gel – Some say that the quality is low so you need to heap on the gel to make this work.
  •  May Rip – Some have tried using this and have become disappointed because some of the whitening strips have ripped when they tried removing them from the container.


There are some people who like this a lot but there are also some people who say that this might be the worst strips that they have used in their lives. This will depend on your teeth and how your teeth would react to this.


  •  Yellow stains are removed
  •  Works in a few days
  •  Inexpensive


  •  Hard to place
  •  Strips stay on the plastic piece.

10. Rembrandt 1 Week Teeth Whitening Kit – Top Kit with Fast Whitening Formula

If you would like to get the best results, you can use this twice every day. You can be sure that your teeth will become whiter in a short amount of time. You only need to go through the procedure for up to a week and you will finally achieve the whiter teeth you have always wanted.


  •  Fast-Acting Formula – There is no need to wait for a long period of time before you will get the whiter teeth that you have dreamed of.
  •  Custom-Fit Strips – You can get the right size of the strips that will be perfect for your teeth. No need to try making the strips fit.
  •  Enamel-Safe Ingredient – This will make sure that the enamel of your teeth will continue to be safe so your teeth will not be extra sensitive.
  •  1 Week of Treatment – This will only require one week of treatment before you start seeing the results that you want.
  •  Whitens Back and Front Portion of Teeth – A lot of teeth whitening products will only whiten the front portion of your teeth. This product will whiten the front and back portion.


  •  Appears Faulty – Some say that they were not too happy when they received it. They cannot even remove it from the box.
  •  Does not Stick to Teeth – Some people have said that they have tried to place this on their teeth but failed because they just do not stick properly.


This can be effective in whitening your teeth without worrying that your teeth will become extra sensitive. Some say that they find it hard to remove from the case though so it will take more effort to use this.


  •  Obvious whitening after a few tries
  •  Pain-free
  •  Easy-to-Use


  •  Expiration dates do not much
  •  Does not seem to work for all

Buying Guide – Picking the Best Whitening Strips

If you would check the available products for teeth whitening both online and in actual stores, you will notice that there are so many brands that are available. How can you choose when there are a lot of products to choose from? It can be overwhelming to make the best choice but you can get to know more about teeth whitening in general before you decide to purchase the right product.

Types of Teeth Whiteners

Your main choice of teeth whitener is the whitening strip but it will help to become more familiar with the other types of teeth whiteners. There are some that are more efficient than the others. Some would also cost more.

  •  Whitening Toothpaste – This is the most cost-efficient teeth whitening product that you can get. This can be effective in removing the stains from your teeth. It will probably take a few days or weeks before you start to see some visible results.
  •  Whitening Strips – This is considered to be very easy to use. You can definitely use these strips at home. The strips usually come with hydrogen peroxide that is meant to whiten the teeth effectively. The results can become visible in a few days.
  •  Whitening Pens – This whitener is preferred by people who love using something that is portable. This just needs to be painted on the teeth twice a day to provide the results that you are searching for.
  •  Whitening Gel – This is the type of gel that is normally placed when you go to the dentist. Take note that the whitening gel can come in different strengths. There are some that are stronger than others. It would depend on the type of gel that your teeth can take.
  •  Whitening Light – Are you familiar with this type of teeth whitener? This is a type of light that is normally used with the whitening gel in order to speed up the whitening process of the teeth. Teeth can also become whiter for a longer period of time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Whitening Strips

It is easy to end up feeling confused when you see the number of whitening strips that are available in the market. One thing that you have to remember to make choosing easier is to pick the one that you feel you need the most.


Do you honestly want to have whitening strips that are weak when it comes to whitening your teeth? Of course not! You can look for the formula that will work best for your teeth. Just remember that the strongest formula is not necessarily the best one. It will depend on what your teeth needs right now. You can look for products that come with carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. The more of these that the whitening strips have, the stronger the strips are going to be.


Do you think that your teeth and gums will become highly sensitive due to the whitening components that whitening strips normally have? If you answer yes, then you would need to find the right whitening strips that will not trigger the sensitivity of your teeth. It can be irritating when you can barely eat anything. Remember that there are some people who are more prone to teeth sensitivity than others so consider this before you make the right choice.

There are some things that you can do to reduce the sensitivity of your teeth:

  •  Look for some whitening strips that will not come with high levels of peroxide in order to cause less sensitivity.
  •  Do not whiten your teeth every day. Take a few days off from time to time to ensure that your teeth will get back its normal strength.
  •  Look for a toothpaste that can be effective against sensitive teeth. This will help make your nerve endings a lot less sensitive. It will also help if the toothpaste that you pick comes with fluoride. This will help reduce potential sensitivity.

Safety of the Whitening Strips

How safe are whitening strips when used at home? This is definitely something that you need to ponder on. The only thing that you have to remember is to follow the given instructions. If you go beyond what is recommended, then it will not be too safe for you anymore.

You need to remember that whitening products that come with high levels of peroxide will always cause your teeth and gums to become irritated and sensitive. Follow the instructions to reduce the possibility of this happening.

There are some whitening products that you can only use once or twice a year. If you go beyond that, you can cause serious damage to your teeth.


Do you honestly want to purchase a product that is not consistently good? You can check the different reviews available online just to see how consistent different items are. The consistency of the product will depend on its formula and how you will use it. Choose the product that will work best for you and stick with it. Using different products may be bad for your teeth too.

If you want fast results, whitening gel and whitening strips are the best option because they can provide almost instant results. If you want something that is more permanent, you can look into the other types of teeth whitening treatments that you can get.

Incorporating Teeth Whitening to Your Bedtime Routine

A lot of people say that they do not get the results that they want because they always forget about using the teeth whitening products. How can you use the whitening products more cons istently? You can do this by adding the whitening product to your bedtime routine. Just make sure that you will follow the required amount of usage. For example, if the product says that it can only be used once a week, choose the day of the week wherein you will apply the teeth whitening product then do this weekly.

It can help you follow your routine more plus, you can be sure that teeth whitening can become more effective that way.

Just remember to ask your dentist if you have any concerns about the type of whitening product that you are going to use. Some dentists would recommend that you get your teeth cleaned first so that you can decide after if you truly need to undergo teeth whitening. There may be other procedures that will be recommended to you depending on the reasons why your teeth is not as white as you want it to be.

How You Can Maintain Your White Teeth

One of the reasons why you are unable to maintain your white teeth is because of your current lifestyle. You may be very busy that you barely have time to go to the dentist and ask about some of the whitening products that can be used. These are some of the things that you can do to maintain your teeth:

  •  You may sip some beverages that come with colors that will stain your teeth. Avoid these beverages from causing teeth stains by using reusable metal or bamboo straws. Even paper straws will help too so that the beverage can avoid coming in contact with your teeth.
  •  Rinse your mouth immediately after drinking beverages that will stain your teeth. The faster that you rinse, the better.
  •  Do not forget to brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste twice a week so that you can maintain the color of your teeth.
  •  You should not forget to floss because this is one of the daily routines of maintaining your teeth that can help remove possible leftovers that may cause stains on your teeth.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening Strips

You may have some questions about using teeth whitening strips especially if you have never used them before. Now is your chance to know as many details as you can about them. It will help you use the whitening strips more effectively

1. Should you brush your teeth before placing the whitening strips?

You are not recommended to brush your teeth first because the strips can stick to your teeth better that way. If in case the strip is too big for your teeth, you can fold the remainder behind your teeth so that you can get the best results.

2. Should the whitening strips be used many times a day?

There are some whitening strips that would need to be used more than once a day while there are also some that can only be used sparingly. It will depend on the whitening strips that you choose. Some brands are known to be stronger than most because of the ingredients used to make them.

3. How long should the strips be placed on the teeth?

There are some whitening strips that can be placed on your teeth for only five minutes while there are also some strips that would need to be placed on your teeth for as long as 45 minutes. You cannot make a mistake or you cannot assume that all types of strips are the same. Do not forget the read the instructions before using the whitening strip.

4. How long can the strips be used?

It is not recommended that you use the whitening strips every day for the rest of your life. Rather, you would need to follow a certain time frame then make sure that the strips will be properly used during that time. If the strips would need to be used for a week, then make sure that it will be available for the whole week then stop using it. This will give your teeth time to recuperate.

5. Will the ingredients that are used by whitening strip brands be the same?

There are some ingredients that you can find in almost all whitening strips but the difference will depend on the quantity of the ingredients that are placed on each strip. The more whitening components that are available, the stronger the whitening strips are going to be. Consider this before you make a choice.


Having the right teeth whitening strips will ensure that you will be able to whiten your teeth after some time. There are different brands that are available and the effect will also be different for everyone. You can check as many reviews as possible and also ask for some recommendations from the people that you know. It will make choosing the right teeth whitening strips easier and more effective. You can start showing off a confident smile again after you find the right whitening strips to use.

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