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Russian Volume Lashes

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Russian volume lashes refer to a unique modern technique where technicians apply 2—6 silk eyelash extensions to each natural lash. The final result is an intense fluffy volume lash on the client’s face. Russian volume lashes last for longer periods and can help an individual with sparse eyelashes achieve a considerable lash volume. The best thing about these lashes is even with their volume and fullness, they are lightweight enough not to damage your natural lashes. Brides from the UK and the US always consider these lashes when they want to achieve their best look on the day of their wedding.

If your desire is spacing the infill, then consider using the Russian lashes. However, just like any other technique, applying these lashes requires the input of a trained and experienced technician.Can you imagine having these lashes and looking like a zombie because your lashes were not properly placed? You should realize that trained professionals will do their best to place the lashes at the right places. Usually, the lashes will be placed in areas wherein your natural lashes are sparse. Learn more about eye makeup tips on Beauty on Mind  Eye Care 


Things to Consider Before Buying A Russian Volume Lashes

Single Closed Eyes Using Russian Volume Lashes

You should understand what Russian volume lash extensions are before visiting the beauty shop. Many people confuse volume lashes with cluster lashes.There’s a big difference between the two. Whereas cluster lashes damage your natural lashes, the Russian volume eyelash extensions are half the weight of your natural lashes and therefore safe to apply. With Russian volume, they apply many lashes to a single eyelash isolating every single eyelash at a time. Consider whether you want 2D or 3D extensions. (Where 2D eyelash extensions refers to application of two extensions on one natural lash and 3D eyelash extensions means application of the 3D extensions on a single natural lash)  

You should also know the expected lifetime of the lashes before buying them. Russian lashes last over four weeks. They may last longer and shorter depending on how you will take care of them and how they are applied on your natural lashes.

Before buying these eye extensions, you must know how they look like after the application. You don’t want to buy fake eyelashes that damage your beautiful natural lashes. A lot of beauty shops use different kinds of eyelash extensions without realizing that there may be some that can damage the natural lashes of the eyes. You can know whether the lashes applied on you are Russian volume or not by looking at their shape. Technicians use them in a fan shape to a single natural lash as opposed to classic lashes. Volume lashes are always fluffier, lighter and give you a fuller look. If you need to fill your sparse lashes, consider getting volume lashes. You will not have any regrets when you see how you look like after.
Another vital point to consider is how long it takes to apply for these extensions.

There are three different styles to consider. Take note of the following:

⦁ The time also depends on your natural lashes.
⦁ The style that you will choose will also have an effect on how long the application will be.
⦁ There are some beauty shops that may give more attention to how your lashes will look like which can result to a longer application but better results.

Features and Benefits

Romantic Volume Lashes

⦁ They are more lightweight as compared to the individual lashes. Their lightweight nature reduces the pressure on your natural lashes thus protecting them from the destruction caused by heavy lashes

⦁ They are big, and technicians apply them in full volume set. The Russian design allows professionals to stick full-volume lashes on clients with sparse natural lashes. They come in different lengths, colors and curls

⦁ These lashes are soft and fluffy. Russian false eyelashes are soft because they are half the width of the natural lash. They also create a fluffy look at the end of the application.

⦁ These lashes are handmade by the technician during the application time. An experienced technician will gauge the strength of your natural lashes and adjust many Russian lashes using her hands before tweezing them up.


⦁ Gives a full and fluffy effect
⦁ Soft and light on your eyes
⦁ They come in different colors lengths and curls
⦁ Do not damage your natural lashes
⦁ Suitable for people with sparse lashes


⦁ Are relatively expensive to buy but cheaper to maintain
⦁ Shed faster than the natural lash but can last longer if applied professionally using the recommended adhesive.

Introducing the Russian volume lashes into the market revolutionized the beauty industry. These lashes offer the best look and enhance your natural beauty. Unlike previous fake lashes, these extensions don’t damage your natural lashes.Take note that it is always recommended to look for trained professionals to install the lashes to get the look that you want.

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