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Acetone Nail polish remover

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Acetone nail polish remover:

Acetone nail polish remover is the most common and cheap nail polish remover. It usually contains 60 percent acetone. So it is great for removing dark polish colors and glitter polishes. What will happen when you use it? It will remove colors from the nail without leaving any traces behind. Actually, Some nail polish remover brands have nourishing, hydrating formulas added to their acetone polish removers. For those who use acetone nail polish remover, it is recommended to keep their hands well moisturized and regularly use cuticle oil.

 Features Of Acetone Nail polish remover:

Acetone Nail polish remover works very quickly and effectively. Removes artificial nails, nail polish, gel polish and more. Takes off nail glue & glitter polish with ease. It is maximum strength and enriched with vitamin E and grape seed oil to condition your nails. Learn more facts about nail polish remover on Beauty On Mind in details.

Problems with Acetone Nail polish remover:

Acetone polish remover may harmful for nails.Maybe it will damage your nails. It removes natural oils from nails and dries them out. With regular use of acetone remover, nails can become brittle and prone to peeling and splitting. That’s why it should not use to remove polish from acrylic or other false nails. In addition, it may damage the acrylic nails while it is removing the polish.

Ethyl Acetate Structure:

Non Acetone Remover

Hence, we need to find some gentle non-acetone nail polish remover. To find out less harsh nail polish remover, we can use ethyl acetate. Therefore, Ethyl acetate contains isopropyl alcohol. It is ideal to use on acrylic and false nails, natural nails. The advantage of ethyl acetate is:  it does not dry out the skin and nails like acetone-based removers do. Non-acetone nail polish remover ensures the strongest and healthiest nails possible. The only disadvantage to using non-acetone nail polish remover is that it does not remove nail colors as quickly as acetone-based removers do. Consequently, It’s quite difficult to remove dark color nail polish with non-acetone polish remover. It takes an effort to remove.

Special Suggestion:

If you take care your nail regular basis then no matter what types of nail polish remover you use. With your care, nails will stay moisturized, strong and healthy. Just need love to your nails.

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