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Morphe Brushes Review

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Do you often wonder about the brushes used for makeup? Though it doesn’t seem to be like that makeup or face painting is a difficult sort of art. Using the proper brushes, proper color to make your face glow, shading etc. But women want the pink glow in there cheekbones like a fairy tale princess. And everybody wants to look beautiful either it’s your Prom night or wedding day. Everyone must want their dates or partners eyes to stay stuck on her.  So all’s are possible using Morphe Brushes.

Morphe Brushes:

Morphe Brushes is introducing a range of different beauty products. Like brushes, pallets etc. You can buy all brushes as a  set or even each brush individually.


Morphe brushes have different types of brushes collection. Both synthetic and natural bristles are available. Synthetic bristles are usually made of synthetic materials, such as nylon, rubber etc. They are more compatible with liquid or creme products. Because of their low absorbency. And they don’t get damaged or degrade easily.

Usually, Animal fur or hair makes natural bristles. Most of the people use natural bristles for powder makeup. The bristles contain hairy cuticles which can get a hold on to the powder material more easily. But it can be allergic to some individuals due to animal fur is used to make it. And eventually, the bristles get degraded or damaged. For natural bristles, most commonly used animals are- Sable Goat Badger Pony Squirrel Kolinsky And Weasel

Types of brushes: According to parts of application the types of brushes are-

For facial use:

Foundation Brush: It is Long, flat bristles, and tapered tip. Apply foundation on the face. Then sweep it towards your hairline for a seamless finish.

Powder brush: Normally fluffy bristles; soft, full and rounded. Dust the bristles across your face, to evenly diffuse loose powder for less concentrated color, so that doesn’t  smudge your foundation.

Fan brush: Just like fan painting brush, used for light touches. Brush fallen eyeshadow from under your eyes or stroke your face with powder. Highlight Bronz and Blush it for precise, yet better application.

Blush Brush: Fine bristles and rounded head. Used for a pink blushed looks on the cheek.

Concealer Brush: Soft and flat with a pointed tip and a wide base. Use it underneath your eye circle and blemish. And around nooks of your eyes and nose.


 Eyeshadow brushes:

 Basic eyeshadow brush – It is large, flat, and short many different bristles. For applying eyeshadow on eyelids.

Crease Brush – Tapered brush tip.

Lid Brush – Medium flat, round.

 Angle Eyeshadow Brush: Usually it is Small, soft and rounded angled tip. Soak it in liquid or gel eyeliner. Hold it at an angle against your eyelids. Then apply.

Eyeliner Brush – Very thin and Sharp with soft bristles. Used to apply eyeliner.

Smudge brush – Flat and soft bristles used for smudging make-ups on eyelids. Use it for kohl eyeliner. Smudge the eyeliner along the area gently for a smoky and sultry look.


Usually, comes with the mascara. Hard bristles like comb used for applying mascara on eyelashes.


Eyebrow brushes

Eyebrow Brush – Long, thin with tougher bristles. Clean excess mascara with it.

Slanted Eyebrow Definer Brush: It is Stiff and Angled. Brush it to define your clumpy entangled eyebrows.

Spiral brush- Spiral designed bristles for lips.

Lipstick Brush: Fine, soft or tapered

Lipgloss Brush: Usually comes with a lip gloss.

The handles of the brushes can be made with both plastic or wood. All types of brushes are available at morphe.

Where to get:

Model Jaclyn hills strongly recommend morph products. Morphe brushes also have makeup palettes, fake lashes, eyeliners, etc. You can get them all from a local store or the official websites of morph brushes. You can buy all brushes together as a master pro set. It costs around 80$ and Palettes for around 20-30$. You can also buy brushes individually. It’s your choice.

So who wants to look beautiful for a party?

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