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Eye Makeup For Deep Set Eyes

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Do you have deep set eyes? If you answer yes, then you just have to know the different ways to emphasize them. You need to know the proper makeup tricks that will complement your eyes. You need to find ways to brighten them up so that they can look outstanding. You need to know how to dress up or dress down the deep set eyes depending on the occasion. It will all depend on the eye shadow colors that you would choose plus the other products you would use in order to

Why Do You Need to Know How to Put on Proper Makeup for Deep Set Eyes?

People have different types of eyes that they can improve with the use of makeup. Some people with deep set eyes are not happy with the way that their eyes look. They can be beautiful as long as you would choose the right products to improve their appearance. It is important to know if your eyes are really deep set. How will you know? Your eyes are deep set if they appear to be located deeper in the eye socket as compared to other eyes. Another sure sign that you have deep set eyes is the dark shadow you will find on the brow bone. You have to be proud because people with other eye shapes would like to have this type of definition.

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Things to Consider When Putting Makeup on Deep Set Eyes

Now you are sure that you have deep set eyes, what are you going to do about it? You have to know what are the items you will need in order to improve the appearance of your eyes tremendously.

You need to have an eyeshadow primer –

This product will make sure that your eyeliner and your eyeshadow will stay on your eyelids all day. You just place a little bit of it on your eyelids and you will see the difference.

Use concealer to cover up the dark circles –

No one will look fresh and young if they would showcase their under eye circles all the time. There are different concealers available in the market that you can use to cover up those unwanted dark circles. It will also improve the way that your eyes look.

Consider your eye color –

It is only normal that you are going to choose light eyeshadow in order to make your deep set eyes a little bit less deep set but you also have to consider what your present eye color is so that you can enhance your eye color and your eye type at the same time.

Your skin tone should also be considered –

You cannot just choose any color that you want when it comes to eye makeup. Same way that you have to be sure about the shades you will use for foundation and concealers, you also have to be sure about the shades you will choose for your eyeshadow. One thing to feel lucky about: your eye shape is the best in pulling off almost all colors.

Know what event you will attend prior to putting on makeup –

It is normal that you are going to pile on the eye makeup more at night. During day time, you can go for more natural shades but at night, you can go all out. You can have fun playing around with your natural eye shape.

Some Tips for Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Now that you know the different considerations, you can proceed to choosing the right eye makeup that will enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Hooded Eyes image
1. Do not forget about your eyebrows:

Do you realize that your eyebrows can improve the way that your eyes look like? You have more space under your brows because of your eye shape and this can make it trickier for you to choose the right brow shape.

Remember that aside from your eyes, you also have to consider your face shape when choosing the right shape for your brows.

  • When you create a sharp arch, you may look surprised all the time.
  • When you try to follow the shape of your crease, you may look a bit depressed. You can go to a professional to have your eyebrow shape fixed soon.

2. Do not forget your concealer:

Your eye shape will make you more prone to having dark colored eyes so never forget your concealer when you are about to put on makeup. It was mentioned earlier that you need an eyelid primer too. These two products can be very effective in making your eyes appear lighter.

  • The concealer should be applied under the eyes.
  • It should also be applied on the crease if in case you do not have a primer.
  • Apply evenly for the best results.

3. Blend your eye shadow properly:

If there is something that you should not forget doing it is to blend your eyeshadow. You will be surprised with how different it looks. It does not matter what color of eyeshadow you are going to place as long as you would be blending properly.

  • You can actually choose just one shade to place all over your eyelids but with proper blending and the natural shadows of your eyes, your eyes will look great.
  • You may need to place a bit of white eyeshadow or liner on the inner corner of your eyes in order to brighten them up.
  • The proper blending brush will do wonders so invest in the right brush.

4. Do not forget to experiment:

Everyone is different and even with all of the things that you can read, there are some makeup ideas that will work well for you that may not look too good on other people.

  • You can try out the different dark colors especially when you are going out at night.
  • Shimmery eyeshadow will work well for you.
  • You can also experiment with other makeup products like your eyeliner and mascara.

All eye shapes and eye types are beautiful. It is all about choosing the right makeup looks that will work best for you. When you make the right choices, you will manage to look amazing every time. Try out some eye makeup looks that can be used from day to night.





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