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Eye Makeup On Hand – Truly Mesmerizing

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There are different beauty trends that may hit the internet from time to time and eye makeup on hand is just one of those that people would like to try. People may have lost interest in trying out this trend but there are still some who are discovering it for the first time. This trend will come with different variations. Some of these beauty trends are easy to do while others would take a lot of time, talent, skill or money in order to accomplish. One of the beauty trends that have popped out recently is the eye makeup on hand along with awesome eyebrows drawing. Some people cannot understand why this trend is popular because of course, makeup should be placed on the face. Perhaps eye makeup is placed on the hand to show that putting makeup is an art. Those who are good at it have a talent that not everyone has. Go here to learn various eye makeup on BeautyOnMind

Why Do You Need to Know More About It

Eye Makeup On Hand

There are different eye makeup trends but placing eye makeup on hand may not be the most common thing to do. Most of the beauty trends that you see are meant to be used for the face but this time, makeup is going to be applied on the hand. This requires a lot of mastery and of course, artistic skills in order to master. Even if you feel that you are good at applying makeup, you cannot say for sure that you will be able to do this immediately the moment that you try it. Some have already tried it and failed. Some say that this is a test drive for eyeliner and eye shadow techniques but actually, it is just an art that is easy to appreciate.

Tools Needed to Create Eye Makeup on Hand

Eye Makeup On Hand

You would like to try this eye makeup on hand trend. Are you prepared to do it? What are the tools and the other makeup products that you need to make this possible? These are just a few that you need to have:

Eyeliner –

You may use different types of eyeliner depending on the look that you would like to achieve when you place the eye makeup on your hand. Some prefer using different types of eyeliner in order to get the effect that they want.

Eyeshadow –

The eyeshadow can be fun to use because you know that you can choose the color that you want to use. You can go crazy with all the blues, pinks, and greens. You can also go neutral and choose more neutral shades if this is something that you would like to achieve.

Eyebrow Items –

While you do not need your mascara or your eyebrow mascara this time around, you may still need your eyebrow powder or pencil in order to apply the best eyebrow on your hand.

Brushes –

Brushes will definitely be important when you want to do this trend. It will be hard to put on makeup without brushes right now especially since a lot of makeup artists have become dependent on them. There are a lot of brushes to choose from but Morphe Brushes can be your ideal selection.

Skills –

If you do not know how to put on makeup on your eyes, you will have a harder time creating hand makeup for sure. You can always improve your skills first before you can start creating eye hand makeup. You can also remember that practice makes perfect.

Tips to Remember in Creating Eye Makeup on Hand

Eye Makeup On Hand

You now have all of the right tools and makeup items that will allow you to start making your hand your canvas. How are you going to begin?

1. Decide on the type of eye makeup on hand you would like to have.

You can seek inspiration from the diverse eye makeup on hand posts that you can see on various social media sites. There are some who use various colors in order to make the eye visually appealing but you can keep things simple and just choose a couple of shades.

  • Choosing makeup products with high pigmentation will be most ideal for placing hand eye makeup.

2. Be bold:

Now is the time for you to use your hands in order to experiment with some color combinations that you are not sure about. Perhaps you have always wondered how your skin tone would look like with blue and violet. You can us your hand in order to test out this combination immediately.

  • You can choose even more daring colors like rainbow shades, red and orange.
  • Some people use lipsticks in matte in lieu of eyeshadow in order to make the art more dramatic.

3. Decide if you want the eye to be open or closed:

It is obvious that doing a closed eye makeup will be easier because you do not have to worry about painting the eye and designing it with your natural eye color plus you need to use more makeup to achieve the look that you want.

  • If you are a beginner, it is best to stick with a closed eye hand makeup.
  • If you have done the closed eye hand makeup before and you want to test whether you have improved, you can proceed with the open eye makeup.
  • Some people are able to create eyes that look 3D.

Best Hand Eye Makeup Ideas Online

You can become inspired by some of the hand eye makeup ideas that you will find online such as the following:

1. Purple Envy
2. Hit Me With Crease
3. Gold Rush
1. Purple Envy

If you have always wondered how these makeup shades will look on your eyes, you can see how amazing they look on the hand or rather the arm of the person who created this look. The eyelashes are exquisite and the eyes look real enough that they might just open any minute.


2. Hit Me With Crease

If you have always wondered how it would be like to have a highly defined crease then you will not be disappointed with this type of hand makeup. The eyes are seemingly half open but in an alluring manner. You may find yourself looking at this picture for a long time.


3. Gold Rush

Gold will look good on a lot of people and this is not an exception. The gold eye shadow looks real enough that you would like to place it on your eyes now. The stroke of white on top of the eyelid crease is genius. This is definitely something that you would like to try on your eyes very soon.


Why Do This Makeup Trend?

It is evident that a lot of people can appreciate this type of makeup trend not only because they love makeup but because they look amazing. You can try out hand eye makeup right now. It may take a few tries but you will be happy with the results after.






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